Beat the heat

Portland summers are just the best. Clear blue skies dotted with the occasional fluffy cloud. Cool breezes transporting the aroma of peonies and late-blooming lilacs. Misty mornings that allow for a cup of coffee on the walk to the bus stop without the risk of overheating.

Yeah. This week was not like that.

Cue the excruciatingly warm waits outside for a late bus. The proverbial upper lip sweat as you begrudgingly walk your dog during the hottest point of the afternoon, her looking back at you with a resentful eye. Laying restless in bed as your box fan pathetically swirls more and more hot air around your bedroom.

The above is a more accurate description of this weeks events. So obviously, turning on my oven or cooking something on the stove for longer than 5 minutes was not in the cards...

This week I made a shrimp bruschetta of sorts, with sauteed shrimp and an avocado salad atop toasted french bread. The shrimp were simply seasoned with a bit of paprika and chile powder which paired nicely with the cool mixture of avocado, cilantro, scallion, jalapeno and lime. 

A quick meal for a hot weeknight, with only a few moments of heat from the stovetop and toaster required.

Hope everyone had a great fourth!

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