Work Bites: Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing

Monday lunch de jour. Tres tasty and super easy to make!

Recipe here via Ambitious Kitchen

Weekend Roundup: Eat Mobile Festival

Last week, Willamette Week was kind enough to gift me with two passes to Eat Mobile, a food cart festival held outside of OMSI on Portland's east riverfront. Stoked to say the least, I was anxiously awaiting all of the pending bites to be had at Saturday's event all week long. 

Over 40 of Portland's food carts duked it out on the twinkly lit blacktop for the prestigious Carty award, an honor crowning the selected spot as the best street joint in the city. The offerings (and people watching, including a few who toted full-on XL tupperware containers to carry their samples...) did not disappoint.

From top left: blackberry shaved ice with dulce de leche drizzle from So Cold Shaved Ice | roasted chicken bowl from Fuego | chocolate, bacon, peanut butter cupcake & Snickerdoodle panna cotta from Hungry Heart Cupcakes | waffle with salami, goat cheese and Kelly's Jellys habanero jelly drizzle from the Gaufre Gourmet | dark chocolate and sea salt brownie with salted caramel from the Sugar Shop | chicken taco, pepper quesadilla and salsa samples from the Taco Pedaler

Hands down, my personal Carty went to Cheese & Crack, located in my hood of SE Portland. Their decision to turn what ultimately had to be a few bites of food into a mini 4 course tasting was a brilliant move.

The olive mousse may have been the dreamiest thing I have tasted in a long time, and the charm factor of the mini cheese wedge put it over the edge. Two thumbs up! I will definitely be heading to their cart for a redux sometime in the very near future.

I hope you all had an awesome weekend and enjoyed some equally stellar bites in your own necks of the woods. And lastly, a big thanks to all of the carts for their hard work, hospitality and creativity! Cheers!


No Shame Fridays

Gyro lunch from Elmasry in SW Portland, serving up the finest in street meats. A cornucopia of lamb, tzatziki, and a few select few veggies, all snuggled within a warm pita. Judging? Take those feelings elsewhere.


Kale, Fennel and Apple Salad

The recent sunny weather seems to have increased my desire for both a nice salad and an after work drink (no complaints to be had about that, by the way). After seeing this recipe on a fellow bloggers website, I thought it would be a quick meal to whip up post-work, and still allow time for a trip to the taproom.

The sweet and tart Granny Smith paired really nicely with the licorice bite of the fennel, and the shallot vinaigrette is definitely worth making a large batch of, just to have on hand for a go-to drizzle.  I opted for toasted sesame seeds in lieu of walnuts, but thats just the kind of gal I am.

All completed before sunset, and spared me some time for some suds with friends. Cheers!


Welcome to the Edible Roam.


This blog intends to feature all food and drink experiences I come across as I continue my nomadic culinary journey around the city of Portland, and beyond. Additionally, I will document my continued attempts at cooking and baking, and overall trying to come close to the creative and talented woman that my mother is in the kitchen.

I suppose that it would be appropriate to kick things off with a preliminary post featuring my celebratory 'New Job Cookie' that I had today outside of Blue Collar Baking Co. in downtown Portland. I recently accepted a position with Lewis & Clark Law School that I will begin later on this summer, so hang on to your lunchboxes! I will be packing without a doubt.

Cheers to adventures, aspirations, and all things new.
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