I went out for drinks this weekend with some buds to celebrate new jobs, departures to new places, and the hosting of some friends in town. We went to Cyril's in Southeast, where my neighbor and friend Laura is their new chef!

A revamped patio in the works!!
The owners, Sasha and Michael, founded Clay Pigeon Winery in 2011 and opened up Cyril's just this year. Sasha has a wealth of knowledge in the artisan cheese industry, while Michael has a vast experience in the wine world. Basically a dream team of sorts if you ask me. Hearing Sasha's story makes me envy all of the presumably amazing culinary experiences she must have had in her life. I mean, she serves on the Board of the American Cheese Society. Dream life?

You can from their large menu of cheese to compose your own cheese plate, but we let Laura do the picking. The mix was a great variety, with some smoky cheddar, stinky blue, grassy manchego and creamy camembert! All paired well with some crusty baguette and sliced meats.

Cheese board
Olympic Provisions meat plate

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