Green Figs

"One should not allow a lifetime to pass without indulging in the culinary experience that is eating a green fig" - a dramatic statement I can now make after this afternoon.

My coworker brought in some green figs from her backyard (!!!) and it was hands-down the best fruit I have ever had. (not to mention they are very adorable looking, in an alien way) It was like biting into a million little maple syrup filled capsules of love. It was one of those experiences that made you ask yourself, "Why haven't you been eating these the past 25 years of your life?" Kind of like, "Why did I just now start wearing flatforms?"

Some of the words greatest questions go unanswered I guess. But seriously. LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!

(Currently seeking folks who want to go in on harvesting a fig farm. Lets talk.)

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