After a few days in Cali, it was time to cruise East (in a dope tropical two piece) to the hot, hot, heat of the Vegas strip. Seriously though, it was 120 degrees. What do you do when it's that hot? Don't bother with makeup, wear as little clothing as possible, and drink and eat until your body can no longer gauge the temperature. Water consumption and sunscreen help too, or so I am told.

Immediately upon our arrival, my BFF and our host for the weekend treated us to a boozy brunch filled with mimosas and her mom's famous Monkey bread. I would eat this for days, but I would look like Ricki Lake circa 1995 if I did.

After tanning (read:baking) by the pool, we headed off to Bachi Burger for some local grub. What transpired was a binge of sorts, to address it lightly.

Burger 1: Carmies, Miso dressing, Japanese slaw, fried egg

Oxtail Fries? Okay.
Burger 2: Sweet onion marmalade, caramelized bacon, aged gruyere, sauteed shitakes
Burger 3: Shishito peppers, fried egg, apple vinaigarette
All burgers: amazing!

Time for the strip, drinks, and a Beyonce show! Snaps below!
Me by an entirely too fake looking waterfall display. Vegas, baybee
Drunk vegan by a meat cooler

Just another slop on the strip. Vegas, it was real!

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