I wish they all could be California...

I guess one cool thing about becoming and adult is that your friends begin to sprawl out all over the country, providing you with a map of the continental U.S sprinkled with possible vacation destinations. 
I peaced out of Portland a week or so ago to go visit my pals Kate & Amy who live and work in Los Angeles, CA. The trip was full of sun, more succulents than I could handle. and lots of food. I failed on the documentation part of this, as many-a-time I was so eager to dig in to my culinary findings that I forgot to snap a photo. Enjoy the snaps below featuring some of my tastes and travels!

Went for an early morning stroll and stumbled upon Two Guns espresso.
Just a vacationer and her americano

Brealfast with heat! Eggs from Hell from North End Cafe.
Nate, Lyla and I, bonafide.
Kate and her afternoon onion ring.
Hummus omlette (I know, sounds weird. It was amazing!) with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and other goodness from the Local Yolk.
Sky high biscuit!

Farewell California! Off to Vegas we went, but more on that later!

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