Bar Breakdown: Aalto Lounge

Portland recieved a cloudy reprieve from our long run of sunny weather today, but up until then I have been digging the weather and its pull to get me outdoors. A few days ago I finally discovered that Aalto Lounge on Belmont had a patio, which is slightly disturbing, considering it is a stones throw from my place and I have visited there several times. The patio has just the right amount shade and "eco-cool" design to leave me dreaming up my next trip.

Can we talk about the Happy Hour? I sipped on a Dandy (cucumber infused gin, lemon juice, sugar, and lavender bitters) as well as a Belmont Jewel (bourbon, lemon, pomegranate juice and orange blossom water) and my total tab came to $4.00.

*record screech*
Yeah, $4.00. As in four dollars, as in fo dollaz. The cocktails were awesome and the lavender bitters was inspiring enough to leave me adding it to my current list of booze related craft projects. Considering they also have DJs spinnin' vinyl inside of their equally cool interior most days of the week, this will not be my last Aalto Rodeo. Cheers!

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