Weekend Roundup: No Shame Fridays, Infused Birthday Booze and Cinco de Mayo

This weekend was chock filled of summer-esque sunshine and warm temperatures, providing the perfect venue for a lot of outdoor eating. Taking advantage of the warm Friday evening, I started out the weekend with a bike ride over Portland's relatively new food strip, 'The Ocean' for some Slow Burger fare. The meal definitely fit within the glutinous bounds of No Shame Friday. Yes those are pilsner battered onion rings, and yes that is cherry tomato jam on my burger. Can't spot it? Try looking under the aoli, blue cheese, Tails & Trotters bacon, etc.

I awoke Friday, still slightly full, and ready to wrap up a project that I had begun the previous weekend: tangerine & ginger infused vodka for my friend Jackie's birthday soiree. I was inspired to infuse some liquor after reading the latest issue of Bon Appetit, and realizing how foolproof the process is. The steps are pretty straightforward. Cut/slice/grate up your ingredients, add booze, put in a dark place and let it do its thing. Strain using a coffee filter or cheese cloth into the bottle of your choosing. Oh, and don't forget to add a cute tag!
After a week, the end result was super citrusy and perfect for a summer cocktail. The ginger didn't quite shine through as much as I would have liked, so I am curious as to whether shredding it next time vs. slicing would make for a spicier result. I plan to get creative with some more concoctions later on this summer!

Pro Tip it using tangerines: don't let any of the white pith make its way into your brew. Rumor has it, it can ruin the batch!

Sunday being Cinco de Mayo, I had to get my hands on some sort of filled tortilla item. After another sunny bike ride, my beau and I made our way to one of my favorite joints in town, Mi Mero Mole

The offerings are super diverse, and provide a lot of options for carnivores, vegitarians and vegans alike. My favorite filling as of late is the Rajas con Crema, roasted green chiles & onions in a cream sauce. Topped with their house pickled onions (amazing), a selection from their vast salsa bar, and some chopped cilantro, and you have yourself a bonita burrito. Oh, a side of guac too, please.

I hope everyone else had an equally edible weekend! Cheers.

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  1. love the tangerine ginger vodka idea! i still have some of the lemon basil variety i made after our road trip... after 3 years, i think it's drinkable! totally sanitary.