Long Weekend Roundup: BFF Visit!

Are you wondering what happens when you haven't seen your best friend for an excruciatingly long period of time and finally you are reunited for a long-weekend visit? And then you go to a few restaurants?

You eat like a starved barbarian. 

You chow down like never before. You lose all sense of shame, dignity and fullness. You bounce from cafe to restaurant to bar and back again as if you weren't full to the point of pain less than three hours prior.

This experience, my friends, makes for a great weekend. Below are some snaps from the past few days, I couldn't dare explain them all. I will let the glistening grease, crispy batter and all of those other delightful elements of imagery speak for themselves.

chicken & waffles and breakfast po boy at Screen Door, tiki mug at Aalto Lounge
kung op wun sen and half a hen at Pok Pok, meaty goodness at and dirty fries at Lardo
grapefruit radler at Apex Taproom, chocolate coffee eclair and strawberry cream tart from Kens Artisan Bakery via Jerry Price, cookie showcase at PSU Farmers Market

bacon, broccoli and brie baked eggs with potato pancake and breakfast board at Broder, taro & hibiscus bubble tea at Townshend's Tea

cure to life - a Los Gorditos burrito, creme brulee & blueberry bourbon basil donuts at Blue Star
doggy donut & coffee coconut cheesecake donut from Blue Star, farewell sushi at Bamboo

Just a reminder to all, I am always taking visitors, as long as you are down for a similarly edible experience. Thanks, Whitney! XOXO