Weekend Roundup: An Inspired Sunday

I believe I may have cursed the lovely Spring weather we have been having here in Portland lately by speaking so highly of it in my last few posts. This weekend was quite gloomy, but made for a nice Sunday to page through my latest issue of Bon Appetit magazine and get some ideas for spring recipes. 

I have been trying to get a touch more creative with what I am bringing to work for lunch these days, so I thought these marinated summer vegetables would be awesome on top of a salad or inside of a toasted sandwich. They came together super quickly, and will last in my fridge throughout the week, getting tastier as the days go by! The next time I make these, I will likely be adding mushrooms, onions, and eggplant as well.

With cilantro and parsley always in abundance, and mint being the current herbal bumper crop, I decided to "brew" some herbal citrus water for the week for a light spring sipper to have at my desk.

Then, I got gutsy. I love biscuits to no end, but I have always heard so many horror stories when it comes to making them. I'm not sure how I psyched myself out so much during my last 25 years of life(will they rise? will they turn to muffin? is the butter cold enough? will I ever get there? does it even matter?) but up until yesterday, I had never tried. After my savory scone purchase last Friday left me wanting more, I decided that it was go-time time.

The whole process was quite a whirlwind. My only tweak to the recipe was adding some cracked black peppercorn and some additional scallions. Once I added the buttermilk and slightly mixed the batter, I am pretty sure I blacked out from that point on. I came-to approximately 20 minutes later and was greeted with:

A golden beacon of biscuit beauty. I was kind of shocked at how well these came out, which must speak to how easy the recipe is to recreate. Maybe there was nothing to be afraid of after all! Life lessons learned whilst baking.

Cheddar scallion drop biscuit recipe via epicurious

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