A Girl, a Boy and a Butcher Counter

If I was given one thing and one thing only to eat for the rest of my life, it would have to be a sandwich. As a great blogger (me) once said, "the possibilities for a sandwich are only limited by ones' imagination".
I have hit the PDX sandwich scene pretty steadily over the past two years, sampling sammies everywhere from Lardo to Best Baguette to Killer Burger. (Burgers count as a sandwich too, amirite?) However, until recently I had yet to find a solid go-to place that I could rely on for a good, simple sandwich. Enter: Laurelhurst Market.

Just a short walk from my apartment, Laurelhurst Market is open each night for dinner, as well as keeping their butcher counter open for sandwiches in the afternoons. I strolled in hungry on a rainy Saturday with my beau to be met with a delicious selection of their housemade deli meats and cheeses, all wedged inside of a hunk of Fleur de Lis bread. I went with the corned beef, thinly sliced with swiss, red onion and a light aioli, topped with a pickled pepper relish and arugula. Nate selected the roast beef, with gorgonzola mayo and arugula.
These. Sandwiches! Both sandwiches were delicious, and the simplicity of the combinations really allowed the quality of the ingredients on each sandwich to shine. The inside of the restaurant was bustling with staff prepping for the dinner service to come, which made for an enjoyable and energetic setting to enjoy lunch. 
I will definitely be returning to Laurelhurst for more weekend afternoon nosh or to pick up for some last minute picnic prep come summer. 
Did I mention it is finally going to be 70 and sunny this weekend? Praise be. Cheers!

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