Another coffee post

Buzzed over to Coava Coffee Roasters this a.m. for a much needed caffeine boost. Yesterday was the end to a very long week (long month, months really...) of planning my organization's annual conference.  It was pleasing to see everything go off without a hitch, as it was my last project before I depart next week for my new job.

Coava is located in the southeast industrial area and is a short hop from my place.  I was tempted to cruise over on my new scooter, but have yet to purchase a sidecar for the beau.

The menu is no nonsense and offers two drip roasts and two espresso roasts. They share their space with  a woodworking company, so the interior of the building is chock full of handdrafted wood seating and other creations.

A good spot for an early morning chill with a handsome dude.

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