Cheese & Crack

I love grazing. I think some of my favorite eating experiences involve small bites of of a variety of stuff. I'm not sure why I waited so long to check out Cheese & Crack, but it is now my favorite cart of the moment.

Recipe for a successful cart that Marissa will love:

1.) Cute business card with a wink

2.) Adorably written, delicious looking and reasonably priced menu, located under a twinkly lit tent. Kind and knowledgeable guy hand crafting your selection.
3.) Ambrosia sodas (get. out). Handsome males available for conversation.
4.) Uhh. House made crackers, jam, and pickled rhubarb. Tasty green olives and local honey. Coppa sliced thinly whilst you wait. And Brûléed Brie. 

BRULEED BRIE. I never want another s'more with a ratty marshmallow ever again. Moving forward, brie only. Sub house made savory oatmeal cookie for graham, jam for chocolate.

I am forever changed.

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