Weekend in Leavenworth + Peppers

view from our balcony
This weekend I crept one year closer to death. To cope with a few pints, some friends and I drove up to the sleepy town of Leavenworth, WA for their Oktoberfest celebration. Themed towns always provide for a hokey atmosphere I can vibe with, and lots of great people watching. The trees were turning on the mountainside which made for a beautiful setting to grip and sip.

leavenworth in all it's glory!

icicle brewing co.

goats and sheep

pedro scarecrow

fall cutie

Cant be faux-german without ordering a litre.

kielbasa and kraut! W.W.G.D?

you have to have a pretzel with beer in a german town - duh!


morning clouds

On the way home, we stopped at an awesome farm stand in Washington. Melon, Asian pear, apples, peppers and chiles, zucchini - all for a few bucks! My new abundance of peppers inspired my weeknight meal below.

Bulgar wheat stuffed peppers with corn and black beans
I am really getting into bulgar lately. It is great in salads, stuffings and for a quick breakfast cereal. Not to mention that it is cheap, great for you, and by far the easiest grain to prepare. Just boil hot water or broth, pour over top, and allow the bulgar to sit covered until it puffs up to your likeness - about 20-30 minutes. Pretty much foolproof!

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