The 14 Mile Tour

When it is predicted to be 70 and sunny on an October weekend in Portland, there is only one thing a girl can do to prepare. Eat a healthy meal on Friday night, hydrate, hop on your bike Saturday, close your eyes and hope for the best!
I made a kale caesar on Friday evening with a simple dressing consisting of lemon juice, anchovy paste, minced garlic, egg yolk and olive oil. It is what I grew up helping my mom make. She would rub the garlic cloves along the inside of her gigantic wooden bowl until they disintegrated into its curves, and I would quickly whisk the dressing as fast as my little wrist would allow as she drizzled in the olive oil. I think of her and smile whenever I make it. I think they call that a food memory. :)

The following day, Nate and I cruised up to Northeast Portland for a tour de feast of a few spots I have been meaning to try, but haven't yet been able to pull myself up by the bootstraps and make the treck. First stop: The Cheese Plate!

Such a beautiful thing! Goat cheeses, aged cheddar and smokey bleu aside homemade crackers, cranberry compote and pickled green beans.

Yes, I know there is goat cheese all over my fingers

Goat cheese truffle! Sort of like chocolate cheesecake on steroids - but mini size.

Roasted pumpkin, fried sage and goat cheese grilled cheese. All of the selections were amazing but needless to say I had had enough goat cheese at this point and needed to wet thy whistle.

Onward to Breakside! One of my new favorite breweries in Portland. I tried the Sour Newton, a  tart amber ale made honey and black mission figs and the Vienna Coffee Bier made with Roseline coldpress coffee. I love coffee notes in beer, but it was refreshing to have a lighter ale vs. the stouts and porters that I am used to. Perfect for a sunny afternoon!

Onward to Saraveza, for their 5th birthday extravaganza. We sampled a few vintage beers and tried their house chex mix. The owners are from Wisconsin, so you know they dont play when it comes to chex mix.

Hmm...the chex mix or the pastie...

Because I obviously hadn't eaten enough yet, we nightcruised over to Chez Dodo, a Mauritian food truck in NoPo and probably one of my new favorites. The lamb samosas above where the size of your head and oh-so-awesome.

Sunday. The cool down. Trucked over to Portland Nursery for their annual apple celebration. I had never seen so many varieties in my life. We settled on some Swiss Gourmet, a hybrid between the Golden Delicious and Ida Red, amongst a few others. Oh and some apple strudel. And a la mode.

Hope everyone has a lovely week!

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