Charred Corn Tacos

Corn is probaby one of my top ten favorite things about summer. Probably even in my top five food faves.
Grilled corn, corn salsa, cornbread, corn pudding, corn relish. I could go on for days.

One thing that is not include anywhere it my top ten faves? Taco seasoning.

Prepacked varieties tend to be super salty, overwhelming, and lead me to wonder, what is the taste of a 'taco' supposed to be, anyway? The recipe below is an exception, and something I will certainly be keeping on hand to pull together some veggie tacos in a pinch.

Homemade Taco Seasoning via Joy the Baker
2 spoonfuls chili powder
1 spoonful ground cumin
1 spoonful smoked paprika
1 spoonful dried oregano
1 spoonful garlic powder
1 spoonful onion powder
half a spoonful coriander
half a spoonful salt
half a spoonful crushed red pepper flakes

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