Weekend Roundup

Some strong coffee from Trailhead roasters was in order this weekend, as it was a busy one. Aside from a few lazy breakfasts, I was on the go, starting my apprenticeship/in'curd'ship/mini-monger-in-training program with Cheese & Crack food cart, getting ready for the upcoming holidays, and spending an afternoon at the art museum.
Challah bread french toast, soaked in egg, almond milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and citrus zest.

Behind the scenes at Cheese & Crack! Ladling up some cheddar broccoli soup with rainbow chard, topped with Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds.

We made a batch of rosemary & parmesan savory oatmeal cookies. I hope to take the training wheels off and try a batch of my own during the holidays!
Catering order for an afternoon event

House marinated Wisconsin curds

Cloud cap from cascadia creamery, atop a savory oatmeal cookie with a smear of apple butter (cut it out!!)

Bruleed brie and butter crackers.

My take home plate, also featuring cana de oveja, pickled roasted garlic and hazelnut chocolate ganache.

Morning breakfast and snug.

Samurai exhibit at the Portland art museum! The attention to detail was truly remarkable.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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