Welcome to the Edible Roam.


This blog intends to feature all food and drink experiences I come across as I continue my nomadic culinary journey around the city of Portland, and beyond. Additionally, I will document my continued attempts at cooking and baking, and overall trying to come close to the creative and talented woman that my mother is in the kitchen.

I suppose that it would be appropriate to kick things off with a preliminary post featuring my celebratory 'New Job Cookie' that I had today outside of Blue Collar Baking Co. in downtown Portland. I recently accepted a position with Lewis & Clark Law School that I will begin later on this summer, so hang on to your lunchboxes! I will be packing without a doubt.

Cheers to adventures, aspirations, and all things new.
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  1. Cheers on your new blog and job!!!! Can't wait to try out some of the edible eats!!